What are you aspiring to accomplish?

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What are Aspirations?

We all have aspirations, big and small. Aspirations drive us to fulfill our potential, to achieve something extraordinary.

We may call them ambitions, dreams, projects, visions.

What is Self-Leadership?

Self-leadership means to lead oneself, to positively influence one’s attitudes, behaviors, and actions to achieve what’s personally important. To do so effectively requires, for starters, a well-developed self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the foundation for self-leadership. Self-leadership is the foundation for leadership.

What is Leadership?

In a few words, leadership means to lead others, to positively influence others toward the pursuit of a vision, the fulfillment of a mission, and the achievement of goals.

Self-Leader, Leader, or both?

Both! Daniel Goleman tells us: "Whether within a family, on social media, or in an organization or society as a whole, we are all leaders in one way or another."*

*Source: Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

And Personal Branding?

Being able to communicate about oneself with ease and authenticity at the right time and place is an undeniable asset. It starts with (re)discovering the core elements comprising your uniqueness.

So what are you aspiring to accomplish?

"Where there's a will, there's a way!" says the famous proverb. Once the will is there, the next step is finding the way and that often entails finding out more about ourselves, i.e., enhancing our self-awareness. This site provides a few ideas for doing just that.